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A campaign to go above and beyond
in the delivery of premier healthcare
for all in the High Country
The Appalachian Regional Health Foundation is excited to announce a $20 million campaign of community-anchored philanthropy to ensure that the people of Western North Carolina have access to premier health and wellness care.

campaign progress

$20 million

As of January 1, 2024, we have raised $22,522,440 of our $20 million goal.

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Why Give

The economic realities of healthcare are increasingly complex and often frustrating, so the importance of our nonprofit mission cannot be overstated. Appalachian Regional Healthcare System has created a first-rate health and wellness network for people in this and surrounding communities with a 100% focus on service, not profit. That means our benchmarks for success are based solely on patient outcomes and community well-being, not profit.

While we function as a nonprofit, ARHS is an economic cornerstone in the community. As the 2nd largest employer in the High Country, we are a critical provider of jobs for local residents in addition to high quality healthcare that serves our region while giving seasonal residents the confidence to live here, too.

“For years, ARHS has successfully worked around limitations in space and declining buildings that have kept us from achieving our full potential. It’s time we invest in people, systems, and facilities. This will expand our opportunities and position us for the future.”

Chuck Mantooth
CEO, Appalachian Regional Health System

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Through improvements in how, where, and when we provide care, our promise is to improve the overall patient and visitor experience throughout our system.

Diagnostic Advance­ments

Heart Health

Patient Services

Tomorrow’s Healthcare

Surgical Services

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peace of mind

Diagnostic Advance­ments

This project will centralize ARHS diagnostic services, to include Imaging, Laboratory and Pathology. Areas such as Breast Imaging, Computed Tomography (CT), and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) are all being upgraded to state of the art services to better provide fast, precise images and results back to you.

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every second counts

Heart Health

With our ability to perform cardiac catheterizations at any moment on any day of the week, patients experiencing urgent heart-care events can now be treated 24/7 onsite rather than needing to be transported to another facility, saving precious time. 

Architectural rendering of newly renovated patient room with nurses talking to patient
privacy matters

Patient Services

Larger patient rooms accessed by dedicated hallways and elevators will ensure patient privacy, comfort, and dignity while allowing staff to safely navigate modern mobile technologies and deliver care that is high quality and compassionate.

Architectural rendering of newly renovated hallway, two doctors with clipboards talking
recruiting rural-focused doctors

Tomorrow’s Healthcare

To build a strong pipeline of top medical providers committed to the High Country, we are investing in the future through a residency program focused on recruiting and retaining primary care physicians who are interested in practicing family medicine in a rural setting.

Architectural rendering of newly renovated operating room
cutting-edge technology

Surgical Services

New surgical suites with the most advanced technologies, including humidity monitoring and anti-vibration floors, means patients will have access to the highest quality care, including less invasive procedures, faster recovery times, and reduced chance of infection.

“Our service area covers some of the highest and most stunning territory in North Carolina and Tennessee, so every day we are inspired by an awesome natural world that shapes what we value: strength, dependability, and excellence. That’s exactly why we are investing today in essential upgrades for tomorrow.”

Rob Hudspeth
President, Appalachian Regional Healthcare Foundation

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Healthcare is forever changing to meet a forever changing world. But around here, our values stay steady and true. A historic investment by Appalachian Regional Health System combined with $20 million in visionary philanthropy will let us transform how, where, and when we provide premier healthcare as we transform our community hospital and give all who come here the peace of mind they deserve.

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